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Services and Support

Consultations & Fee-for-Service Projects

BQHS provides free initial consultation for each research project. The initial consultation provides a perfect opportunity for researchers to explore ideas/hypotheses, and to discuss about study feasibility with BQHS faculty and/or staff.

For short-term or non-extramurally funded projects, we offer biostatistical and bioinformatical support through a fee-for-service basis. BQHS faculty and staff provide research design, database design and management, data analysis, and results interpretation and dissemination services to research and education projects funded by the investigator's department funds or other sources.

Grant Proposal Development

To encourage and facilitate more research activities at JABSOM and its affiliated institutes, BQHS will provide research design and data analysis plan support and expertise in the development of extramural grant proposals. Excluding extensive preliminary data analysis, the support is currently free of charge as long as adequate percentage FTE of the participating faculty and staff is built into the grant budget.

As grant application deadlines tend to be clustered around certain dates, please contact us well before the deadline so we will be able to properly support your grant application and increase your chance of obtaining funding.

Note: For academic groups or organizations with long-term projects, a collaborative agreement can be established with BQHS. Please visit our collaborative research page for details.


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