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Hawaii Health Information Corporation

Hawaii Health Information Corporation (HHIC) is a non-profit corporation established in year 1994 to collect healthcare data from all acute care hospitals in Hawaii. Its mission is to analyze and disseminate statewide health information in support of efforts to continuously improve the quality and cost-efficiency of healthcare services provided to the people of Hawaii. Currently, HHIC maintains inpatient, emergency room, and inpatient laboratory databases, starting from year 2009. Patient specific information captured in HHIC databases such as race/ethnicity, provide opportunities for wide range of disparity research in Hawaii health care. BQHS has been actively involved in various projects using HHIC data and expertise in analyzing data and interpreting results.

Note for Data Users
  • Each individual researcher will need to contact HHIC to request the data for the research project. For more information on HHIC datasets and their access, please visit HHIC.
  • If you would like to collaborate with BQHS on an analytic project using HHIC data, please contact us to discuss about logistics and data analysis plan.

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