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We compiled a list of biostatistics and bioinformatics online resources for your convenience. For online national or Hawaiʻi state statistical data resources, please refer to JABSOM Health Science Library Statistical Data Sources. BQHS strongly recommends that researchers contact a professional biostatistician before starting a research study and/or data analysis project.

Disclaimer: All online resources are believed to be accurate and from reliable sources. BQHS can not guarantee that the data and information linked through this page are accurate, up-to-date, or complete. User discretion advised.

Biostatistics Resources

Below is a list of biostatistics online resources that has been compiled and includes online statistical courses, statistical tools and software.

Online Statistical Courses

Johns Hopkins University Biostatistics Courses
Free biostatistics courses are available from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's OpenCourseWare(OCW) project

MIT Statistics for Applications Course
Other MIT OpenCourseWare courses include Introduction to Probability and Statistics and Mathematical Statistics.

Carnegie Mellon University Statistical Reasoning Course
Probability and Statistics course is also available on the website of CMU Open Learning Initiative.

Simon Fraser University Intermediate Sampling and Experimental Design Course

How to Choose a Statistical Test?

Decision Tree

The link is based on the book "A Guide for Selecting Statistical Techniques for Analyzing Social Science Data" (Second Edition).

Decision Table

The link is associated with the book "Intuitive Biostatistics: Choosing a statistical test" (First Edition).

Statistical Calculators

P-value Calculator

For a sample from a population with a known proabability distribution, a p-value can be calculated using an online calculator. The program was developed by Dr. Hossein Arsham of the University of Baltimore.

Online P-value Calculator

Power and Sample Size Calculators

Power and sample size calculation is crucial to properly plan your study and control your budget. Several JavaScript based calculators are available at University of California or University of Iowa.

Note: Power and sample size calculation is intended to help design a study. It is not intended to be conducted after the data have already been collected. We highly recommend that a researcher who is planning for a study consults a professional biostatistician well before the initiation of the study.

Statistical Software Packages

Free open source statistical software packages can be found here. For example, R is free.

Commercial statistical software include SAS, SPSS, and STATA, etc., where the links contain tutorials from UCLA.

Bioinformatics Resources

Below is a list of bioinformatics online resources that has been compiled and includes data repositories and tools and other bioinformatic tools and software.

Bioinformatics Data Repositories and Tools

NCBI GenBank

Database of nucleotide and protein sequence data


Database of nucleotide and protein sequence data


Database of nucleotide and protein sequence data


Database of protein families


Database of high-throughput functional genomics data


Conserved Domain Database is a protein annotation resource

MGI: Mouse Genome Informatics

Database and bioinformatics resource on the genetics, genomics, and biology of mouse


Database of tissue-specific gene expression and regulation data

Cancer Genome Anatomy Project

Database of normal, pre-cancerous and cancerous genomes

RCSB Protein Databank

Repository of 3D structures of large biological molecules, including proteins and nucleic acids


Repository of functional genomics (both array- and sequence-based) data


Repository of Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) data


Resource portal includes databases and tools in different areas of life sciences including proteomics, genomics, structural bioinformatics, systems biology, phylogeny, population genetics, transcriptomics, drug design, and others.


The cancer genome atlas data portal


Tool for protein domains identification and analysis

ElliPro: Antibody Epitope Prediction

Tool to predict and analyze immune epitopes


Tool for gene ontology searching

Additional Bioinformatics Resources

List of RNA-Seq bioinformatics tools

List of sequence alignment software

List of software for molecular mechanics modeling

Online Bioinformatics Resources Collection

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